February 26, 2010

Light For Haiti

I really should have written about this sooner, but unfortunately this week has been somewhat sad and insane for me. On that note, I'd like to get you to come see this show. Not to see me (actually, please go to the bathroom when I perform) but to see all of these crazy insane famous starrrrrrs!

It's been an incredibly long week for me and if nothing else I value the ideals of friendship and of life. Please come out and enjoy ... And most importantly, help shine the light of hope for those still suffering in Haiti. Let's change a small piece of the world ....




February 19, 2010


Kate Marie sent an email demanding I help fill her (work) time with something on my blog. And, when she sent it yesterday I didn't have much I wanted to write about. Luckily, God took care of that pretty quickly. So here's your treat KMG. Dig in.

Yesterday I did work during the day at Orchard88 as well as coupled with a few rounds of CSI. Here's the thing though, CSI runs a loop. And, most of the time, I've seen every single episode. Which some would say would help me focus more on work. But it actually makes me focus more on the details so when I grow up to be a forensic scientist like them, I'll be detail-oriented and savvy enough to solve all crimes within 24-36 hours. Best when fresh, right?

ANYWAYS, I don't often go to Bikram at 4, I'd rather have it as a book-end on my day. But for some reason yesterday I got antsy and felt the need to go a wee bit earlier. Because of the last minute decision I was running a little later than usual and couldn't take a back row spot. Thus, I swiftly surveyed my options and found a spot in the middle row, in front (and in between so not completely blocking) a handsome man and a pretty gal. As class began I came to learn that Josh had brought his friend Amelia for her first Bikram class. The teacher instructed her to watch the person "Leigh" in front of her. *Sidenote: I go by Leigh in class. Weird, maybe. But Leigh-Taylor is a total mouthful for the teacher when spouting out corrections or very infrequently "way to go"s.

Ok, so Amelia did a really good job for her first class. She only had to sit out a few poses and I don't think she left the room. As I was sitting on the bench in the hallway putting my shoes back on thinking of my swift departure, she joined me. As I told her what a great job she'd done, her friend Josh joined us. He opened his mouth and he could no longer mask his identity. It was HIM:

Don't recognize? Think: Sweet Home Alabama. Reese Witherspoon's love interest with a smooth as honey Southern accent from Little Rock, AR. Got it?

I only knew it was him when he spoke. I told my mom I literally couldn't look at him after that. I was fine before I heard him speak. But I was done for after that. I have never been starstruck, but I've watched that movie so many times ... sigh. And, come to find out, he's dating and just moved in with Rachel McAdams. As if I needed another reason to want to go to yoga at 4 every Thursday here on out.

SO, then I left, slightly flustered, and got on the phone with my dad to ask him a question as I silently contemplated whether to get wine for Claire's then while sweaty or after I showered. I always get the same wine, Bacchus, for $11.99 at september wine & spirits. And what did I find on the ground as I debated the purchase? Two $5 bills and 2 $1s. Truth.

Bought the wine. Done-zo.

And the rest my friends, is history.