March 23, 2010

Well, looks like more work to be done ...

So, the envelope I got from Kate Shindle that had the bill in it is old and the effective date was just a part of the memo.

So sadly that means the bill is not yet a law ... but, the upside is the following, the bill is pending with the education committee where it has been since January 7, 2009.

The following link will take you to the bill and all of its information:

But this isn't terrible news. It just means you need to write your legislators and encourage them to pass this.

March 19, 2010

I'm SO Excited.

And I can't even begin to hide it. Even though I have an interview in an hour and a half I just have to share the news.

The bill that I filed last year as Miss New York sponsored by Assemblyman Danny O'Donnell ... was PASSED!!! It. Is. A. LAW. (Well, on July 1st it is!)

Here's what the official bill states (if read aloud by me, it would have an exclamation at the end of each sentence):

"Section one of the bill adds a new section 815 to the Education Law. The new section establishes a school based service learning based, in large part, on the Maryland program set forth in COMAR (Code of Maryland Regulations) 13A.03.02.06, requiring students to participate in community service learning programs in order to graduate from high school.

Starting with the 9th grade class in the 2010-2011 school year, students are to complete one of two community service options in order to graduate from high school. The first option, set forth in new Education Law 815(1)(a) and 3(a) , is a 40 hour requirement that complies with guidelines to be issued by the NYS Education Department. The second option, set forth in new Education Law, 815(1)(b) and 3(b), is a locally designed program that has been approved by the NYS Commissioner of Education or the Commissioner's designee. The new requirements will first apply to students who graduate from high school in the spring of 2014."

People often asked me whats I wanted my legacy as Miss New York to be. This is it. A generation of compassionate New Yorkers introduced to service even if it doesn't happen or begin in the home. This will be an impetus to thousands of lives changed. And I'm so happy for my state.

I don't cry often as you know, but my eyes are filled with happy tears.

Have a wonderful Friday, y'all! And, have a glass of wine for me tonight!

PS: Please excuse the absurd amount of exclamation points. I'm on Cloud 9.

March 3, 2010

I Was Going To ... But I Couldn't

go to bed.

She's baaaaack. The insanely OCD Leigh-Taylor. The one who not so discreetly stuffs herself into a booth at Orchard88 with WWD's, notebooks, computer, mechanical pencils, extra lead, and various eraser choices. Cramming my not so large brain full of information. Somehow we're creepin' up on midterms and I'm not, defiantly not, okay with that.

BUT, I wanted to share a couple of things. Mostly because Miss America, Caressa Cameron, commented on a previous post (two posts ago to be exact) and it seems she's using this sucker to help wind down her days. And, since she can't share in the wine that I so enjoy (until she comes to NYC and I cook her a home-cooked meal and slip her a brew) I thought I would leave this little surprise for her. Much better than the kind the mice leave. Eh, Katie Martin? But, that is neither here nor there.

Anyways, one of the reasons I can't go to sleep is ... tomorrow is Thursday! At 4pm I will begin my sweaty, 90 minute class, in hopes that Josh Lucas is there to join me in sweating. I saw him again this past Saturday. I woke up and went to the 10am, and as I walked out of the room, right there before my eyes was the man-candy himself. He'd been watching our class through the glass. Better? He asked me how I was. As a bead of sweat fell off my forehead onto his leg I simultaneously stuffed my nasty floor and hand towels into the washing machine. It was romantic. If by romantic I mean he probably cringed and though, "geez, my extremely beautiful girlfriend Rachel McAdams is waiting for me at home. dressed in clothing from the late '40's just like the Notebook and I CANNOT WAIT for the 'after-the-canoe-ride' part of today." (Kind of weird. I don't know how or why I thought of that. But I did. And I don't feel like deleting it.)

Secondly, I'm totally jazzed for the gays in DC that can get married. Way to get it done District! On that political note, Paterson - please step down. You are becoming one disaster after another. And while we have to continue to focus on the shortcomings of your administration and the choices that have been collectively (and personally) made, the state is suffering. None of this ridiculosity is fostering a dialogue, or a progressive community, and for that I am disappointed and somewhat ashamed.

MOOO-ving on. I think my last thing will be this:

Ok, so he has a mullet. But he has AH-MAZING tone. And the girl that sand the Scientist by Coldplay tonight was also phenom. Katelyn Epperley (sp?). I will post that one tomorrow when it makes its way to youtube.

NIGHT, Y'ALL. Kind of ... I'll probably be reading ... or something.