January 25, 2010

Type and Erase.

That's what I've been doing for the past week after I got a bit of a hand slap by none other than JoJo Buffie. But, it's not that I haven't had anything to blog about. It's that there is so much! I haven't posted in so long that I need to get back into the groove. And to do so I think I just have to fast forward life past Christmas and New Year's to now. Cool, JoJo? Cool.

So, I started the blog to keep folks up to date with my whereabouts during my year as Miss New York. Then it just kept going. And a few of y'all kept reading so how about some Miss America awesome-ness?

It's Miss America week in Vegas right now, and it's back to school week for LT. So, I've decided against making the trek to Vegas. Nuts maybe, but to each their own. I shall miss all of the pageantry that ensues but I think I may be taking the bus or train down to DC (pending mass amounts of work due) to see Ashley Wheeler (Miss VT 2k9) and her fiance Michael. We're going to watch the whole sha-bang AND do a blind taste testing of champagnes for their upcoming wedding.

SEE! I'm not completely missing out. Actually, I will get a huge fill from that. She's one of the dearest people I know. Hysterical. Ridiculous. Utterly compassionate. THAT'S what Miss America does for you. You meet f4lyf. Friends for life. (I made that up for you, C-BUFF).

Anyhow, Miss New York is heading to her interview in just an hour. So I sent her an email and I'm sending her massive amounts of good vibes. And you should, too. Interview, I think, is the most important phase of competition. It takes a lot of prep, a lot of studying, a lot of mental goodness. Don't believe me? Check me out before my interview ... not my outfit. My right hand.

Stack o' notecards.

Alright ... back to school! Marketing and Retailing classes tonight. OH LALA. Maybe I'll be dressing some of the gals for Miss America in a couple of years. I mean, I'd be down.

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