March 1, 2011

March-ing right along ...

It is March! More than saying something like, "wow, I can't believe time has gone so quickly!" I'd rather just let this picture do the talking for me. And most likely everyone here in the Northeast who is still digging out of their unwanted igloos:

If you're like me it certainly won't feel like it is coming fast enough. Thus, creating the need for distractions. Maybe one of these McDonald's Shamrock Shakes will make you (and me!) feel better ... and if you don't want go to to McDonald's make your own! I know, I know. It doesn't seem believable. But it's me you're talking to, and I definitely don't joke around about treats. Mine may not look this cute tonight, but I'm definitely making one. Although, I may use some Creme de Menthe as suggested by a commenter on the thread. Y'know, for the adult version.

Happy Tuesday!

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