July 19, 2009

Caffeinated Disaster

Okay, so you know how in my last post I said life here was less enthralling? I'm not going to put my foot in my mouth, but I did experience something today that has never happened to me before. And I hope never happens again.

Anyone who knows me, even if just peripherally, is totally aware of the fact that I usually have a coffee cup in my hand. Or a Red Bull. Either way, I'm an addict. Though I'm not ashamed. It could be way worse, right? Like hard drugs or something. People say it's an expensive habit to have. And while they are correct, I do have my "cart boyfriend". He works the coffee cart in front of Gracious Home on 23rd and 6th. SO nice. And he's got nose problems, too. He can read me like a book. He knows when I need an extra caffeine boost and gives me a large. He knows I take non-fat milk and 2 Splendas. He's my cart boyfriend. Best part? My coffee costs a buck.

So while I'm in Virginia I'm making new friends at Starbucks but today I stopped by 7/Eleven for a Red Bull on my way to grab a canvas from Michael's. Anyways, I pulled a Red Bull out of one of the tall refrigerated stations lining the side wall. And before I knew it the whole rack of Red Bull was FLYING at me. You know when you pull out a drink and decide you want another brand there is a bit of resistance from the back part of the drink line when you put back in the unwanted drink? Well apparently I broke the plastic front off of the line of Red Bull and that resistance pushed every single can out at me at a speed which I could not control. So there I stood, approximately 12 busted sugar free Red Bull cans lining my feet and an audience of 4. The best part? I just stood there and stared trying to figure out how to fix this total faux-pas. Solution you ask? I jimmy-rigged the front plastic piece, stuck a few cans in there and then the rest went into random drink lines. I paid. I left. Moral of the story ... first pull your can up and then out, not straight out.

The scene looked very similar to this photo.

Anyways, things are still trucking along here in Virginia. Last night we (meaning my mom and dad, and a stray from next door ... seriously, but that's another story) went downtown to go to the block party. We parked in our church parking lot and I had my mom take a picture of my dad and I praying in front of Hampton Baptist. We saw lots of folks we know around Hampton and jammed out with the band playing, Excess Baggage.

I'll have more for you later. I'm still reeling from the disaster down the street. Classic. So classic.


Michele Slowinski said...

OMG girl~~ You just crack me up! You NEED to write a book~~ !

Bryan said...

Maybe it's a sign...consider cutting back on the caffeine??