July 24, 2009

Bikinis. WAHHH!

While I've been home at our beach house accumulating rays (on the days the sunshine decides to participate in the fun) I've worn the same bathing suit every single time. I did it more-so as a precautionary against ridiculous amounts of tan lines. But now when I get in the shower I look like I'm wearing a white triangle top bathing suit. Out. Of. Control.

So, my dad, ever so wise said, "Leighhhh-Tayluhhh (for you, Trip), when was the last time you purchased yourself a new bathing suit?" So, I re-calculated and realized the last one (non pageant related) was a J Crew black and white bathing suit. The culprit of my perma-bikini tan. And then I kept thinking and realized that I indeed wore this swimsuit while on Spring Break in the Bahamas. My senior year of high school. WHAAAAAT?

So, after my yoga class, I bought a new one yesterday! Neat, right? Well, kind of. It gets less neat when you realize what people consider to be a reasonably sized bottom for a bikini. Of course everyone does some killer exercises to prepare for Miss America, but I really have continued to work out post- Miss America. (I'm not going to lie, I ate a lot of Crumbs cupcakes for a little while. But then I pulled myself up by my boot straps and got back to the gym and Bikram.) So when I took a gaggle of bathing suits into the dressing room at Everything But Water yesterday and emerged only twice, and being pleased only once, I realized there is something wack going on with bathing suits. And I'm not the only girl having problems with these Fitting Room stand-offs. Actually, I think most of us are.

We always talk about how models give our young girls a wrong impression of beauty, specifically in relation to body type. Dove has an ongoing campaign with plus-size models in their underpants to prove that stick-thin isn't particularly normal. But honestly, what in the world do swimsuit production companies think when they cut out these teeny pieces of fabric they think are going to cover anyone's rear-end but a toddler wearing a 6x? My body frame is small, but I do have what some people like to call "junk in the trunk" (weird.). I don't know how something like this is fixed (not my rear end, but this issue with teeny bikinis) but it definitely needs to be.

BUT, Betsey Johnson saved the say per usual. Wanna see? This is the one I got!

I'm excited. Partially because I have a weird obsession with polka dots ... hence the awesome (template) background I have. And my sheets.

Dad just busted in here and said "what time does Wonderboy get in today? You better get on the road!" So, being that I'm an obedient child, I have to go! Paul is coming today. And Laura and Bryan. I'm really excited. Like, I couldn't really sleep last night. Then I'm back to NYC on Tuesday co-hosting Tim Morehouse's 31st (HAHAHA ;) !!) birthday party. Here's the Invite:

See some of y'all there... !

And I'm off!


Anonymous said...

Leigh Taylor this post is hot hot hot va va voom Miss Bikini Queen ! Your swimsuit routine in your shiny white satin bikini at the Miss NY pageant was out of this world !

Anonymous said...

Leigh- Taylor this Bikini Swimsuit blog is causing global warming your melting all the polar icecaps ! LOL

Anonymous said...

Leigh-Taylor not to worry about how you look in a Bikini re your comments. Leigh- Taylor you will go down in Miss NY pageant history as being the best Bikini Queen ever ! At both the prelims and finals parading onstage you looked perfect in your Shiny White Satin Bikini.

Anonymous said...

Leigh - Taylor the Miss USA system would love to have you in their pageant based on your mindset ! Swimsuit is more important and you would be an instant hit wearing your Miss NY shiny white satin bikini,silver high heels, hoop earrings and sporting that short stacked bob haircut. How could they not crown you the Queen at Miss USA !

Anonymous said...

ULTRA SHINY SATIN BIKINI BUNS were hotter then lava at the Miss NY pageant !

Anonymous said...

Will you be wearing this Polka Dot Bikini at another Pageant ?