April 14, 2010

A Smorgasboard. So, Eat Your Heart Out.

I'm going to expose a secret of mine. I take after my dear Southern mother in being non-confrontational. Even if people treat me with disrespect I hold my tongue. Believe me, sometimes it's really hard. I could easily be like my dad and spout off all kinds of ridiculous-ness but instead I write emails or blog posts ... and then I just save them. I never send them or post them but they act as an outlet for me to get out a bit of frustration without ruffling feathers or, more importantly, I allow myself to calm down and put things back in perspective before jumping back at people.

But believe me, it's hard.

My mom's bff (and twin) Linda would ask me my perspective on people and their personalities, even as a child, because I had an oddly (almost weird) accurate perception of character. But here's my downfall (and Lisa will tell you this over and over and over again) I believe the best in people. Unfortunately, this often puts me in the compromising position.

L to R: Little Lisa, Moi, Tiffany (Linda's daughter, obvi!), and Miss Linda. Please notice not only the fact that we look exactly like our mothers, but our outfits. All leopard. All black. And, PS, we're wearing the crowns because it was a post-Miss America celebration dinner. Love it! Love them.

Either way, I've got a couple of danglers that won't be posted. But I also have two that will. They ain't bad or nuthin'. Kind of fun, really!

NEXTTTT. So, I've been working on a big social media project in one of my classes for, well, the entire semester. And something I've emphasized throughout the entirety of the presentation is the idea of making a direct and personal connection with the specified consumer/target market (you're thinking, "well duh, idiot." ... I'M NOT DONE YET!) and I want to start emulating the same ideal on my blog! I've had so many people, from so many parts of my life, tell me that they enjoy reading my blog. I love that! So, in an effort to try and make it slightly more interactive I'll post some opinion based questions in an effort to increase interaction! Neat? You betcha! Winky face. (<-- channeling Sarah Palin and her CONTAGIOUS personality. And by contagious I mean as contagious as a 24 hour virus that makes you hang by the pot the whole dang day.)

So, here's the deal, yo. Today Paul passed a big test at slash for work so we went to lunch to celebrate. (P, I'm fairly confident no one at DB reads my blog, if so, sorry! Tell them I made you go.) We started talking about a bespoke men's clothing line my friend started here in the city. They were featured on Daily Candy the other day for their rockin' deal on amazing custom-made suits for men to wear at their wedding. So Paul started talking about how convenient Men's Wearhouse was for he and all of the groomsmen to get their tuxes for his cousin's wedding. Inexpensive, too.

And then he said this: "I mean, it's just for one weekend. It's really not a big deal."

Insert my gaping mouth right here. Just a weekend? No big deal? Go ask a girl planning her wedding if she agrees with that. Chicks dream about this stuff for years. So, this is the question ... what do y'all think? Am I off base thinking that statement was a wee-tad off base?

Either way, I wouldn't tell this lady that:

Or this one for that matter:

I mean, I'm sure he belched or picked his nose afterwards in hopes that I would avert my attention from the train wreck of words that had just escaped his mouth. Which leads me to one more funny ...

When we were home for Easter I was chatting with my mom and dad in the kitchen while Paul showered getting ready for a night on the town and all of the sudden my dad ripped out a filthy long belch. So I looked at my mom and said, "oh my gosh! how have you put up with this/him for so long?" She just shook her head and giggled and then about 5 minutes later, as if on cue, Paul walked into the room while ripping a filthy long belch. My dad looked at me and in his perfect Leigh-Taylor high-pitch girl voice and said, "oh my gosh! how have you put up with this/him for so long?" And, hit the cymbals, please.

But, let's be honest, I'm so amused by that stuff. How could you not be? And, as Paul pointed out he's a catch. And as I'll point out, I know, I know! I. Love. Him.

Alright, off to do some work. Hump day is ova' and onto Thursday we go y'all. It's almost the weekend! (But finals are quickly approaching. Sad face, sad face.)

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