July 14, 2010

White Satin Bikini

Dude, I don't mean to be rude, but whoever is continually writing these odd, objectifying comments about me in a white satin bikini, I ask that you please let that image go to rest. The two comments on my last post are not necessary. Nor have the other 32 that have been left in various places.

It's weird. And uncomfortable.



Anonymous said...

Don't be bashful about your white satin bikini. You are the satin bikini goddess and no one can hold a candle to your perfect bum in that white satin bikini. Stand tall - stand proud - but most importantly STAND IN THE WHITE SATIN BIKINI!

Anonymous said...

Dude, you're creepy.

Anonymous said...

See if you can track his IP address. This dude is creepy!

Kate Shindle said...

It was me. Sorry. I'll stop.

I guess I should change my desktop wallpaper too. Don't ask.


Rita said...

I am pissed! Who is this freak?! Let me know if you need me to call out the NYC Mafia! U know I know people! HAHAHAHa

Anonymous said...

10 Facts You Should Know About Leigh-Taylor
(previously titled, “10 Facts About Leigh-Taylor She Probably Doesn't Want You To Know”)

Leigh Taylor # 1 should be I was so hot in my Satin Bikini at Miss NY they also crowned me Miss King Kong Satin Bikini Queen !!!!!


Leigh-Taylor Smith said...

Who are you? If you feel so comfortable being such a weirdo you should sign your name.

But if you don't, don't worry ... I'm tracking your IP address.


Jo said...

Have multiple roomates using the computer posting comments that I noticed on this blog and many others won't happen again.

Leigh-Taylor Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leigh-Taylor Smith said...

Well, it is obviously one "roommate" since the posts are consistent in text and grammatical structure. Who is your roommate? And why have they been posting this for over a year? And better yet, why have you left your computer available to them for over a year?

I'd appreciate a little more information considering they posted a picasa photo album with 54 photos of me in a bathing suit. If not, I'm going to continue to pursue this on my own.


Jo said...

I have 3 roomies and we have multiple computers and as far as I know nobody posts any photos on picasa.
I just checked and I don't see anything with any photos on any of the laptops. We are professionals and some of us travel so we share laptops from time to time. I told all not to post on any blogs unless they are friends of ours.

Jo said...

I just wanted to let you know I just spoke to both the guys in my house and they both were embarrassed about what I found. I think that both of them had something to do with all this. I can assure you they are good guys who are recent grads who just used poor judgement.They are good guys who I've known for a long time who come from good families and I can assure you that none of their escapades will continue in any way towards yourself. Again for what it's worth I know they had no bad intentions just misguided and immature.

Jill said...

Re the Picasa Photo album posting with 54 bathing suit photos of you .
Why would that be an issue since Picasa has pageant photos.

Leigh-Taylor Smith said...

Jill, It is an issue because the person that posted 54 photos of me took the time to screen shoot them off of a dvd from a 30 second period of time on stage and then photoshopped various things into the images. On its own only slightly creepy, but couple it with the fact that this person has also posted delusionally odd comments about me on multiple websites. Thank you for your concern at 431am.

Lisa said...

Leigh Taylor both your Miss NY Swimsuit and keyhole evening gown were so fabulous. What designers are the swimsuit and evening gown from ? Are you going to be competing in the USA system.


Janice said...

Leigh Taylor Smith for Miss New York USA yes yes yes !

Leigh-Taylor Smith said...

Hi Lisa,

Sorry for the late response. The chain got so long I didn't see this!
my ss was a Winnwear (we all wore white winnwear) and my evening gown was a Claire's Collection with the long sleeves removed!

I won't be competing in USA ... I've thrown out the butt glue and put the gowns in the far back of my closet.

Hope you have a great day!