May 11, 2010

Sweet Disposition

For my color theory class we had to turn in a written assignment at the beginning of the year, which would then (come to find out) end up being the inspiration for our final project. Below is my inspiration and essential "PR" kit. My future roomies, Matt, Claire, and Carlie, and I all went out for the shoot ... which Claire generously shot. We froze outside but Claire still kicked-tail. I used the pictures on glossy 5x7 cardstock, with recipes on the back. You'll get it once you read, so, enjoy! (I posted this mostly for my mama to see!)

How Did This Sweet Idea Come About?

As Miss New York Leigh-Taylor was a Top 5 finalist at Miss America. But, for her, that wasn’t the magical part. You see, as she stood on stage with the spotlight flooding her vision she felt life in that moment was simply a blur. But then she realized she saw something spectacular. The realization of a dream. A goal met. And almost instantly she reverted back to her childhood-self. She felt like the same little girl that would sit 2 feet away from the television every September to watch the women competing in Miss America and hoping that maybe one day she would have the opportunity to grace the stage just as they had.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So what? Well, here’s what: It all started out as a dreaded final at Parsons School of Design. With the aforementioned story as her inspiration she was told she could do whatever she liked. At first she thought it to be simple; a children’s line. But as her mind continued to churn she realized just what New York needed. A store that embraces the playful whimsy of the chic New York woman. Seemingly paradoxical verbage to some. A dream come true for others. But she wasn’t done yet … she wanted to include some of the sweet Southern charm her mama had passed down and so it was … a boutique with cocktails and desserts a-plenty. Ultimately, she has create the perfect place for women to come enjoy themselves while playing dress-up. Does it get any better than that? We think not. But come see for yourself …

About Leigh-Taylor:

As a child Leigh-Taylor was emphatically encouraged to embrace her quirky playfulness and sweet disposition. Tales of her running over to her neighbor’s backyard jumping on stumps and putting on shows still ease their way into reminiscent conversations around the collaborative dinner table. The world was her stage. Some things never change.

As you can imagine by simply looking at her childish smirk, her hand was ALWAYS in the cookie jar. Literally and figuratively. Of course, growing up in the South with a true Southern belle for a mother there was never a lack of treats. (Which, by the way, her daddy’s belly cannot deny.) So, most would say from a young age she has understood what we call, the sweet things in life.

Leigh-Taylor has carried this sense of fantastical whimsy throughout her 24 years; never denying a kiddie cocktail, maintaining a steady love affair with any and all treats, and rarely capable of saying no to a fabulous accessory.


Anonymous said...

LTS who cares if Alyse won swimsuit at Miss A she looked like a bodybuilder ! I'm 100% sure that not one girl this yr at Miss NY will measure up to your Satin Bikini Queen status.When you came on stage at Miss NY in your shiny satin bikini wearing silver high heels and hoop earrings with that short stacked bob hair you looked draw dropping delicious ! I loved the way you teased the crowd and smiled all the time looking beyond smoldering in your satin bikini .I LOVED THE WAY YOU LOOKED IN YOUR PAGEANT BIKINI THE SEXIEST BRUNETTE BOMBSHELL WEARING THE HOTTEST BIKINI EVER SEEN AT MISS NY ! CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF LTS YOUR SHINY SATIN REAR END WAS BEYOND PERFECT !!! LTS you so loved the attention and made every effort possible to show off every angle of your smoldering shiny satin bikini ! LTS Hands down you are clearly the ultimate pageant satin bikini queen of all of any pageant ever held ! The MC comments of there is nothing prim and proper here were tailor made for you at the Fri prelims as you paraded on stage to pulsating music while the crowd was awe struck and had their eyes glued on the ultimate Satin Bikini Queen and could not wait to put her on a pedestal and crown her their Satin Bikini Queen! The fact that those comments were made as you WERE SMILING DROPPED YOUR WRAP AND GAVE US ALL A PERFECT VIEW OF YOUR SHINY SATIN REAR END WAS BEYOND SMOLDERING SEXY !!!!!!!!! No other girl did this and it was so hot!
LTS you were the only one who so worked it beyond belief to be so smoldering sexy in a Satin Bikini that fit like a glove.LTS you are the ultimate pageant trophy girl beyond USA and all the rest. LTS the only way NY will ever get back in this game is to clone you ! ALL HAIL QUEEN LEIGH TAYLOR SMITH MISS SATIN BIKINI QUEEN !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Leigh Taylor when you first came on stage at the Fri prelims at MNY in Swimsuit I knew right then and there that I had found my ultimate pageant trophy. Leigh Taylor if you would have had long hair or a black swimsuit on I would not have been going nuts over you ! My worship of you is all from your MISS NY look which you should have kept exactly the same for Miss America. I took one look at you at MNY Leigh Taylor with that short stacked bob haircut,hoop earrings and silver high heels wearing a Shiny White Satin Bikini and just melted ! I could not wait to worship the most ultimate pageant beauty Queen ever and CROWN YOU MY SATIN BIKINI QUEEN ! Leigh Taylor I was mesmerized by your beauty the smile,hair,eyes,legs,buns and bombshells during your routine that screamed sex bomb ! Leigh Taylor I was so fixated on both your Shiny Satin Halter top and Shiny Satin Bikini Panty bottoms. Leigh Taylor I could not take my eyes off you especially your beyond perfect SHINY SATIN REAR END as your beautiful Shiny Satin Buns shined and wiggled in shiny satin like a lighthouse beacon as you paraded back and forth on stage. Leigh Taylor they should have given you extra time because you were the only one I wanted to oogle ! They should have said all girls exist the stage for Leigh Taylor so Leigh Taylor has extra time to allow us all to check her out even more ! Leigh Taylor I'm so in love with you and LOVE WORSHIPING AND CROWNING YOU AS MY QUEEN AS YOU PARADE ONSTAGE IN YOUR BRIGHT WHITE SHINY SATIN BIKINI !!!!!!!!!
Leigh Taylor you clearly did your homework in selecting the most perfect White Satin Bikini one that you knew would scream out to the judges I'M LEIGH TAYOR AND YOU WILL NEVER FORGET ME IN THIS WHITE SATIN BIKINI EVER AND CROWN ME NOW! Leigh Taylor White and so so shiny was beyond the perfect choice ! Leigh Taylor you should be in the Jayme Shaw Swimsuit Hall of Fame for making their suit the best pageant experience for me ever ! Leigh Taylor all the sultry smiles, looks,stares and hair flips you gave during your Satin Bikini routine routine clearly were staged by you to attract complete and utter ogling beyond belief. Leigh Taylor the smile and waves you gave to the crowd as you paraded around in your SHINY SATIN BIKINI clearly SHOWED YOU SO LOVED ALL THE ATTENTION YOU WERE GETTING and so let them know you were the venus beauty of the pageant and you would not be denied the crown as you looked beyond a nuclear meltdown as you paraded around in a Tiny White Shiny Satin Bikini that had panties that were so thin and Shiny
I could see the tag at the top of your shiny satin rear end . Leigh Taylor you so planned so many things like being able to see the tag on your White Shiny Satin rear end to drive the judges crazy over you ! LEIGH TAYLOR I LOVED WHEN THEY CROWNED YOU THE QUEEN AT MNY YOU WERE CLEARLY MY ULTIMATE PAGEANT FANTASY GIRL WHO CHOOSE TO WEAR A WHITE SATIN BIKINI THAT WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD! Leigh Taylor you ARE CLEARLY MY ULTIMATE BIKINI QUEEN EVER there are no Hooters Bikini Contest Winners or anybody for that matter that is worthy of BEING NAMED MY SATIN BIKINI QUEEN. LEIGH TAYLOR YOU ARE MY QUEEN AND I LOVE MY QUEEN IN HER WHITE SATIN BIKINI AS SHE PARADES ONSTAGE AND GIVES ME A PERFECT VIEW OF HER SHINY SATIN REAR END EVERY CHANCE SHE GETS !