March 11, 2009

Charity : Water

Here's the lowdown on Charity: Water. "charity: water is a non profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations. We give 100% of the money raised to direct project costs, funding sustainable clean water solutions in areas of greatest need." Wait for it .... "Just $20 can give one person in a developing nation clean water for 20 years."

That's the real deal. When 100% of the money raised is going straight to creating a tangible change I'm there. So, I suited up and headed over to the Chelsea Market to see the photographic exhibition and the well they built right there in the center of it all. All money thrown into the well is going to be matched ... x3. So, if you're a New Yorker you should definitely head over to Chelsea Market, get a killer pastry from Amy's Bread and throw some money into the well. And if you're not you should go here and donate.

Throwing some change into the well ... you should, too!

I attended the event with Tim Morehouse, my Olympian frenemy ... to be expounded upon later, Joey Dente, and Jourdan Lawlor. We were able to meet up with the founder of Charity : Water, Scott Harrison, and hear about some of the things he's got coming up. One thing is for sure, he's doing some incredible things globally and and most importantly, he knows how to keep people excited about it. There were about 1,200 people in attendance!

Me, Scott Harrison, Tim Morehouse, and Jourdan Lawlor

Oky Doky. Off to bed to get some sleep. Will write some more for you soon!



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