March 22, 2009


So this weekend my brother Bryan and his wife Laura were up here visiting me in the Big Apple for the first time since I moved to the Lower East Side at the beginning of September, AND for the last time before they move to Cardiff, Wales for at least a year! About two hours after Miss America was over my family met up in the hotel (my mom, dad, and all 5 children and ... even a couple spouses, too!) and Bryan announced they would be relocating. They love to travel and cause some general calamity around the world, so we're all super excited for them. But selfishly of course we're a bit sad to see them go. Thus their visit this weekend was going to have to be extra neat (for you, Paul).

My roommate Dustin, whom I met at the age of 7 making my debut as Ollie Herdmann in the "Best Christmas Pageant Ever" with the Hurrah Players, is now a STAR here in NYC. He's in the Off Broadway show STOMP and has been for a couple of years now. He started off on tour and then made his way to NYC to perform at the Orpheum Theater. And get this, I still hadn't seen him perform! We kept saying "after Miss America ... after Miss America..." but I've been back for two months and STILL hadn't seen him perform. Enter perfect timing.

Bryan, Laura, Paul, and I made it a night! We went to dinner and then went to the Orpheum. Can I just say I always knew Dustin was a stud but still, I had NO idea exactly how amazing he was at what he does. His humor on-stage is so real, so relatable, and so many of his faces were ones I've seen him make since we were kids. But even past that, his skill in terms of rhythm and relaying his sense of interested intensity was beyond transcending. I dorkily (word, anyone? if not, it is now.) said, "wow" after every number. I was so impressed with his talent. And he lives in my house! But the coolest thing is, while he wants to stick around and do this for a while, he ultimately wants to become a history teacher. He has a genuine grasp on reality and has remained grounded throughout this whole process.

Dustin, Laura, and Bryan after the show.

With the NYC cast of STOMP, Dustin my roommate is just to the left of me!

Dustin, I am so proud to call you my friend. Slash big brother. Slash roommate. You're ridiculous.

PS: Cary, you're a star too you know!


Dustin Elsea said...

I'm flattered to be on your blog. You rock.

Claire said...

ok so. my mom was reading your blog as well - stalks/loves you too...and reminded me to tell you...... I have family from Cardiff!! They lived in Penarth in Cardiff in Wales in GB. Get it? They moved to Manchester a few years ago and now my cousins live in London and one is still in university at Oxford. It's beautiful though - esp right at the sea! Good memories from Wales. Remind me to tell you the Cardiff/Empire State Building story sometime.... yep.