March 17, 2009

Right Decisions, Right Now. Want a Pencil?

As Miss New York I get to go into schools and talk to students about making Right Decisions. Insert teenage eye-rolling here.

In my opinion there is little you can do to prepare for these presentations. (Note: RJ Reynolds, I know all of the statistics, etc. I didn't mean I haven't studied it ... but ... sometimes it needs a jolt!) I think it is so much more important to read the room and then find your starting point or else you risk not even beginning with them on board. Some classrooms are excited, and willing to listen to the information I have to give. Others, not so much. But I must say my most recent school, Robert Wagner in Manhattan this past Friday March 13th, was AWESOME.

This situation was unique because I wasn't speaking to a co-ed auditorium full of various ages, rather, I spoke with a girls-only after school group. These girls were awesome! After my presentation we shared stories, asked questions, and ate some cupcakes. One of the girls shared this link with us: You should check it out, whether you're a mom, a teacher, or an adolescent - this site is pretty fabulous!



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