March 31, 2009

Weekend Excitement (Part Deux)

I'm Baaaaaaaaack!

So, after sleeping in (WAY in, hurray!) I headed over to the W in Union Square for my Dressed to Kilt fitting. Up to the 18th floor penthouse I went, and before I knew it I was trying on a gaggle of mini-kilts. One even had pictures of blondie plastered on the front. Lucky for me, and the eyes of all of those that would have had to experience the potential rear-end exposure, they said I looked too "sweet" to go so raw. They put me in a really cute black sweater dress with a cut out back, black tights, and purple wellies. AWESOME. Originally I was going to be walking down the runway with Mister Universe, but since he had decided he was ripping his clothes off they didn't want to deal with any issues with the MAO. As I gathered my items to head out to the gym Kellie Pickler came in for her fitting. She was absolutely adorable. She apparently competed in a MAO preliminary in North Carolina. I mean really people, who didn't? From Kellie Pickler to Sarah Palin we've got it all.

Fastforward through my day to Monday afternoon ... I sadly got a call from one of the organizers saying they had over-booked and were wondering if I would just come as a VIP guest. Translation: I was bumped for super-hot Scottish models. Dude, I still got to see Sean Connery! Anyhow, I told Tim that I was studying the list of models to see who else got bumped ... and I must say, three of the people that didn't end up modeling were: Susan Lucci, Cameron Matheson, and Brendan Fraser. Tim so aptly reminded me they may have cancelled, but I just wanted him to stroke my ego ... even if just briefly.

But, either way, we had a ball! We made it just in time to walk the red carpet and then made our way into the big room to watch the fashion show. I'm actually really happy I wasn't in it now. These girls looked SLAMMIN' in all sorts of mini skirts and couture gowns. I was supposed to be wearing a black turtleneck dress and wellies. Could you imagine what I would have felt like talking with Kellie Pickler in her couture gown and Ed Westwick looking fabulously devil-ish? Negative. I do not even want to go to that mental place.

The models did a phenomenal job and I am so happy to have been there to support the Paralyzed Veterans of America, Wounded Warriors Organization, and the Erskine Hospital in Scotland. You know, we have lots of folks over there fighting for our freedoms, I have a friend who just returned and one who will be leaving shortly. Remember to keep them in your prayers, drop them a note (to foreign lands), or even thank them when you see them on the streets here. We should all be so grateful for the personal risk they expose themselves to on a daily basis.

Now that I just climbed off my soap-box I'm going to send some emails out.

PS: Check back soon for the pictures. Tim took them with his camera and for some reason every time I try to steal them they end up being tinyyyy. And believe me, you want to see these people AND the clothes. :)

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