June 10, 2009

I know, I know ...

I haven't written in a while. But, I mean, come on ... my year's almost over. Cut me some slack! I've been here, there, and everywhere.

Last week I had several meetings working towards getting a rockin' non-profit based in NYC into our schools here. One year ago, there is no way I would be able to help with this and speak with the people that can make it happen. It is a perfect way for me to begin transitioning out of my role as Miss NY and into a life of normalcy. Though, my mom continues to remind me, my life is never even close to reflective of normal. (But, aren't most moms supposed to say stuff life that?)

Next on the list was our Beauties for Boobies fundraiser in DC. I've got to say, through adversity and beyond, Miss America girls define this organization through their continual strive for progress, for justice, and for change. At the heart of this we are incredibly determined women, and when we set our minds to something we can most certainly get it done. Why am I saying this? Because we took it to breast cancer's face this weekend.

Here are some photos of our fundraiser ... sadly Tara didn't arrive until the mere end due to some insane traffic ... happily Kate Marie and I are both scary when drunk people try to tell us they're not going to hand over the dough. All in the name of Susan G. Komen. All in the name of Susan G. Komen

Kate Marie (DC), Tara (VA), Leigh-Taylor (NY)

With Chip and Scott, my favorite men around. They were my local ED's as Miss Arlington 2007. Then Tara's ED's before she won Miss VA! We keep it in the family :)

Then, mere hours later I peeled myself out of my brother's uber comfortable bed. Contrary to what that my have sounded like, my brother and I were not snugging. In fact, my brother gave me my first public hug at Christmas 4 years ago. And that happens once a year. He loves me, but does not feel the need to touch me. ANYWAYS, Lisa and I drove into DC, parked really far away from our "meeting" spot, and finally spotted Kate Marie and her 10 ft long legs on the corner of 7th and Independence. After Tara arrived in her baller tall pink socks we were off. And if you think I just left this 5k to pictures you'd be wrong. I definitely video-taped. Please enjoy the footage.

If you squint you can definitely see the pink banner representing the starting line. We were in the middle of the pack. That. Is. Awesome.

Just remember this as the "before".

Please watch in order ... And turn your computer sideways. Sorry.

After: Lisa threw each of us over her back and drug us home.

Those videos took far too long to upload. I can no longer think of anything clever to write. Enjoy!

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