June 2, 2009

1,100 Miles

... in the last 4 days. Once my year as Miss New York comes to an end I won't know what to do with all my navigational energies. But, until then, I will be doing a lot of driving.

Last Thursday night I went out to Long Island to visit the sponsor for my Miss New York Preliminary Swimsuit Scholarship, Big Al's, and hung out at their gym for a bit. I felt slightly over dressed for the sweaty environment in my peep toes and summer-y dress. But, hey. You do what you gotta do. The only lame thing about my trip was it took me over 2.5 hours to get to the gym (for what would normally be a 30 minute trip) and it wasn't even rush hour! Oh, NY, how I love thee.

The next day I left bright and early for Voorheesville, NY. For some reason 'Voorheesville' had me imagining it's residents as characters from "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas", like Cindy Lou Hoo. Anyways, Voorheesville is right out side of Albany. And while their residents didn't look like all the Hoos in Hooville they were really, really fun. I gave four presentations that morning and officially brought my RJR: Right Decisions, Right Now crusade to an end. Shelby, my fabu traveling companion that met me in Voorheesville for the day, took me out to lunch to celebrate!

Though, we didn't have too long for that ... that night I judged Mr. Voorheesville! 9 high school boys were the contestants ... holy cow. I couldn't help but giggle the entire time. The money raised by the competition was going towards summer camp scholarships for the students, funding for their women's volleyball summer team camp, and SADD. The boys were hyserical. But they were also seriously talented. And gentlemen to the nth degree (is that how you write it , mom? I'm assuming no). The win went to Max Schuster who was absolutely adorable. One of the judges told me he is such a gentlemen, a favorite around the school. So, congrats! I hopped in the car and made it back to the city around 1am.

This student forgot paper so I signed his shoe ... I made him promise me that his mother wouldn't be mad ... But, I'm expecting an email any day now.

Then the adventure to the South began. Whoever thought doing construction on a Saturday, specifically on anything ending in "95", is not the brightest crayon in the box. Actually, I would assume they're downright unintelligent. Thankfully I was only a few minutes late to ... drum roll ... CARLY'S BACHELORETTE PARTY! Carly, also known as Anne Carlton Brown, was both a Pi Phi and a Virginia Belle with me. She's also got a personality larger than Texas, the most hysterical laughter, and a brain that could kick Einstein in the face. We were insta-friends. But, the eternal question is, "when did we become friends?". Belles, any suggestions? Bahahaha. The maid of honor, Ashley Gibb, orchestrated a really awesome scavenger hunt around Richmond that included advice from women about how to sustain a marriage. Then we all went Downtown to continue the festivities. I am so freakin' excited for her. I can't stand it! She gets hitched the last weekend of June.

With the bride to be!

Then I drove to Hampton early Sunday morning to give my mom and dad a quick squeeze, say hi to our pups Piper and Star, and smell the ocean. They escorted me to and from Alana's wedding ... Can I just say when she walked down the aisle people's mouths literally dropped. I know I like to sometimes over-dramatize things for some flava, but I'm being completely serious. I will include a photo. It was absolutely beautiful. The WHOLE thing! It's such an awesome thing to watch people fall in love and see how it completely uplifts them. Eww, tingly!

The blushing bride, and a whole load of Pi Phis!

After waking up on Monday morning with Piper, my little rugrat, crawling all over me and giving me kisses I loaded up my car and headed back towards the big city! I sure missed it.

These next 3 weeks as Miss New York I'm fairly busy. It's so unbelievable that it's been a year since this all began. What a glorious year!

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