June 10, 2009

While I'm At It ...

"Just about every other school in Virginia likes to bash UVA kids for being 'pretentious' and 'snobs.' In other words, they get called out for thinking they're better than everyone else. Well, if you went to the school in Virginia with the most stringent admissions requirements, best overall athletic program, most beautiful campus and coeds, most successful and famous alumni, the most storied social scene, was founded by Thomas Jefferson, and all that happened to be in what was voted the #1 city to live in America, well...you'd think you were the too."

And no, I didn't write that. Actually, ESPN's review of college campuses did. It fills my heart with glee. Okay, okay, I am joking. Seriously. But we are also known to produce really proud alumni and I'm going to explain (at least partially) why ... and I'm going to venture to say it doesn't have much to do with what was recognized by ESPN. Though I did hear people were shaking it down with Katie Couric at Reunions last weekend ...

We have a place on Grounds (that's what we call our campus) at UVa called the Madison House. It's essentially a house where volunteer organizations can call "home base". I have been searching online for about 30 minutes for an image I saw from the Fall of my second year where the line to the Madison House stretched sooooo far. There were literally thousands of students in line wanting to volunteer. Everywhere I turned I had friends that were heading up organizations within the Mad House; I even got to meet some of their little sisters from Big Siblings. Dorfy anyone? (Sidenote: Dorfy was Carly Brown's wee one. She was not know to have the greatest manners ever, but she really was sweet. Until she came up to me and said "You're LT? GGGGurrlll. You look 14. How tall you be?". I wish, just wish I could voice record it for you).

That makes a University special.

But you know what else does? These girls.

Many a Pi Phi sister that showed up to Miss America. But that isn't even all of them!

These girls flew in from around the country to cheer me on, and obviously play in Vegas together, too. But how cool? But then I look back. And I'm not surprised. You see, the sense of community that is encouraged at the University of Virginia is, in my opinion, unparalleled. And I would specifically give a thumbs-up to Pi Phis. Every Belles concert there were a load of Pi Phis. And at the same end, I tried to go to any event scheduled to support my sisters.

Okay, by this point you're wondering why I'm talking about this? Please continue. Or continue to stare at my hot sorority sisters. Either one.

My mom, Kate Marie, and I grabbed dinner before our Beauties for Boobies event on Friday night and literally as soon as we walked over there (about 5 minutes before the event started) Shah BAM ... UVa awesomeness. Of course the dudes were there first. They weren't leting one minute of the grey goose open bar pass, understandably so. But you better believe the girls were there shortly after. It literally warmed my heart. They go above and beyond to not only support friends, but to support a good cause. So guys, thank you. And hey, you should think your friends for being awesome too. Sometimes it's just good to hear.

Know what I've realized throughout this crazy year? No matter how busy and non-communicative I have been with close friends from school, they're still around. And they still care. And believe me, we are going to play come July!

Did that make sense? I hope so. This blinking cursor may become my only visual for the next few days.

PS: I also think UVa is special for a couple of other reasons including, but not limited to: it's honor policy, the ideal of student self-governance ...


Bryan said...

I think HRA brainwashed you with that self-governance Honor Council crap. LOL

Leigh-Taylor Smith said...

Bryan, HRA was not self-governed like UVa. I may come break your legs. Or just hang out 'cause I miss you.