June 17, 2009

Lawng Aylahnd.

Phonetics. They're weird. Was that acceptable?* Come to think of it, I wonder who qualifies to write the phonetic suggestions for words. And definitions. And synonyms.

Moving beyond my wandering mind right about ... now. I went to visit Big Al's Gym. They were the generous folks that gave the scholarship for the Miss New York Swimsuit Preliminary winners last year. So, I went for the membership drive on Monday night to hang out, sign some autographs, and cause some general calamity. But, nay, the calamity was not caused by me. It was actually caused by the insane children in their natural habitat. The play haven built by the likes of McDonalds. But cooler because of it's cleanliness. There was this one little rugrat that had just turned 2, just had stitches taken out of his face, and just ran around screaming. Throwing himself on the ground when he felt necessary and playing with all of the big kids. Physically. He was worthy of the term baller. And you know I don't just throw that word around like pennies. I also must point out, 10 minutes in there was worth a lifetime of birth control.

Anyways, I think the event was successful. I did a radio spot about the gym. Actually, the guys from the radio asked if I was into "freestyle". So I said, I respect people that can freestyle but I myself am pathetic. I was really confused when they started laughing in my face (though, not the first or last time that will happen to me). Apparently freestyle refers to 80's music. Am I the last one to be clued in on this?

Finally I met an awesome couple, and the woman makes jewelry. Her name is Aggy and she's Polish, and hysterical. She gave me a set of earrings, necklace, and bracelet of my choice. AND threw in an extra necklace because I had tried it on. They're beautiful! I'm going to rock 'em at Miss NY.

John Giglio accompanied me during my last two visits to Big Al's and I have the greatest time with him. He is hysterical. And through our 8 hours spent together over my two trips to Big Al's we realized we have the following in common: Bambi freaked us out (his mom took him back to the movie theater a second time because he was so hysterical the first go round, had him watch while Bambi's mom was still alive and ran him out before she was shot, hahahaha), clowns freaked me out/still freak him out, the entire concept of Willy Wonka freaked us out, and we both adore peanut butter. There were more but my tired brain is incapacitated from filling out these monotonous RJR reports.

*Yes, I realize that is not phonetically correct for the words Long and Island. I was pretending I had the accent. And if I did, that would be my attempt at phonetically creating the proper pronunciation.

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