November 1, 2009

The Week In Review

This past week was a test of endurance. And indeed I've crossed the finish line.

While our trip to Virginia was wonderful the athletic endeavors we were cheering at proved to be sub-par. Well, sub-par for the teams we were cheering for. The Crabbers' game was broadcast nationally as a part of the National High School Rival ... I have the name totally incorrect, but I'm fairly confident you get the picture. My dad had me come down to the field and stand by him during his interview. When I say stand by him this is what happened: he caught my attention, I came down the stands, stood by him, they introduced him and said "well, Coach Smith says this is the first time he's ever done this so we'll let him take it from here." My dad then introduced me and proceeded to tell them I was the new offensive coordinator for the team. I have only felt more awkward once in my life and it was when we were on the reality show. I can't tell that story because it's too painful to re-hash. Either way we lost 17-0. The defense played really, really well. Offense, not so much. This week the local news station was covering the game and the three guys apparently told my pops they weren't interviewing him without me. My dad publicly announced my firing. Bahaha. Well, they say you win some and you lose some. That old adage was definitely adhered to in Virginia that weekend ... on many fronts.

Then ... I got to take Paul to Charlottesville! Unfortunately it was raining and Georgia Tech killed us. Fortunately the Lyle family was in town! My mom, Paul, and I all had dinner at Ten with the Lyle clan followed up with drinks at BANG! My favorite. Then off to the Virginian we went. It was such a fun night. And the rain finally ceased for the next day. Fall in Charlottesville really is absolutely gorgeous.

After an unholy amount of work due at the beginning of the week I was finally able to see straight on Thursday. Just in time to rejoice about the hate crime bill signed by President Obama. I'm amped about this step closer towards justice. Also, Paul and I carved a pumpkin to get into the holiday spirit and out of work mode ... even if just for a brief bit.

Paul hard at work.

I found a template online that I thought he would like and this is what we got ...

Then before we knew it Halloween was here! Friday night I dressed up like Falcon Heene, aka Balloon Boy. I must say the balloons were severely annoying approximately .5 seconds into the night, but the tennis shoes were super comfortable in comparison to the heels I wore last night as Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. And I must say, my date Chuck Bass looked quite handsome.

But, that's all I've got for you. Everything else I'm going to keep a secret.


Gossip Girl

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