May 23, 2009

Appreciation for Absurdity.

Okay, so most people that know me know I have no shame. My roommate, Cary, and I enjoy people watching out our windows. We live at a big intersection here in NYC - hence the consta- screaming traffic cops outside our windows screaming at people.

Yesterday we saw a really good one, he yelled, I scrambled and got my camera so we could have documentation of our hysteria in the house. A physical documentation of memories if you will. Welllll, tonight I'm home alone, staring out my window leading the glamorous life of Miss NY. While I was doing so I spotted an overly zealous couple across the street making out. Since I was alone of course I needed a photo. Obviously ... ? SO, I got out my camera, zoomed on in and snapped. But I totally forgot the flash was on due to the nighttime conditions. They saw the flash and saw me in my lit up window.

Ummmmm. I'm embarrassed. I think I'm writing this like most people start laughing when they fall and start looking around for someone to laugh with them. Will you laugh with me?

PS: Last night our casserole was really good. Paul definitely helped me. The only slight problem was we "eyed" the sherry. But, all in all it was fairly fabulous. There is potential the bologna sandwiches will never exist.

Now I'm closing my window and off to hide in my bedroom before that couple comes back to egg my window.

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