May 6, 2009

I wasn't going to, but ...

This issue has continued to find it's way into mainstream media and I have finally decided to respond. Wait, let me back track, I'm referring to Miss CA USA and her opinions on gay marriage and beyond.

My first comment to all of those so quick to judge her, is that unless you are in the position you have no idea what it feels like to answer a random question on live television in front of millions of people ... that are judging you. While I don't think she actually answered Perez Hilton's question (as he wasn't calling for her personal opinion on gay marriage itself), and I think it could have been stated more eloquently, the girl stood up for what she believed in. While many of us may not agree with her stance on "opposite marriage" (?) we have to give the girl some credit on a couple of different levels. Obviously she knew Perez Hilton wouldn' t agree with her answer, nor would many in the audience (think of how many gay men are instrumental in pageantry), she still stated exactly what she believed in. And for that, I respect her. Just as I hope people would respect my stance. Secondly, she knew that answer could potentially lose her the crown. Something she had worked incredibly hard for, and she still stuck to her guns. Thus, I have to give an extreme amount of credit to her character.

ANNNDDD, while she has been riding out her 15 minutes of fame for a litttle too long. She may be smarter than we think. I mean, isn't one of the reasons people compete is to network, and become recognizable? Everyone knows about Carrie Prejean. I was out this weekend and a friend from college walked up to me and said, "hey! I know you compete, what is your opinion on this?".

But, moving on to the newest issue in relation to Miss Carrie Prejean. Breast implants. Okay people. Honestly? You're going to chastise her for admitting that the Miss CA USA organization paid for her breast augmentation surgery? Miss USA is a beauty contest, yes. But, just like the 347, 254 other women that had breast augmentation in 2007 , Carrie has said that she thought long and hard about the surgery and decided it was a good option for her. Women in and out of pageantry have plastic surgery in order to feel more comfortable with their bodies. For personal reasons. She was not the only girl (nor will she be the last) standing on that Miss USA stage with breast implants and before people get all high and mighty, there were gals on the Miss America stage with breast implants, too. But who cares?! Why is that any of our business?

I know as titleholders we put ourselves out into the public eye. But, why does that mean we have to judge her? She's obviously passionate about what she believes in. And shouldn't we all be? Perhaps if there were more of us that support gay marriage directing our passion towards something constructive like lobbying state legislators, instead of bashing Miss CA USA we could get some things done.

Focus your energies people. Stop flapping your lips, spewing out negativity, and start to ooze optimism through your actions. Please?


amy elizabeth said...

very well said!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you. i think people just look for things to pick at in other people. no one is perfect. there are a million problems more important to look at than if someone has breast implants. lets all just focus on both the positive and the important things in life.

Dana said...

love your blog, Miss New york!

mallory said...

Hi Leigh-Taylor. I found your blog from your facebook and I've really enjoyed reading it. I loved hearing what you had to say about the whole Miss USA debacle. Keep up the good writing! Hope all is well with you!

Mallory (Rigell) Andrews