May 7, 2009

Shout Out

My mom sent me an enthusiastic text on Saturday night, and this is what it said (truly word for word, typo for typo): "Go to The gays are appreciating your support and they have your blog out for everyone toread." I. love. her.

So, go here to read what they had to say about me. This site is awesome for all kinds of news, I've already stacked it into my bookmarks. And no, not because I go to read this article over and over, but because they tell us important things that are happening on the national, statewide, and local scenes. Such as Maine just passing the Gay Marriage Bill, being the 5th state to do so! (Insert cheering here)

For the record Buffalo Gay newspaper people, I'm totally down with you and your work, too. The gays and the straights alike. Just like Tiny Tim said in "A Christmas Carol" (I was a theater major, and avid youth group-er, cut me some slack ...) "God Bless us Every One".

PS: How my mother found this, I have no idea. I asked her and she simply evaded the questioning. Oh dear, Lisa and modern technology. (She just got a blackberry. I cannot lie.)

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