April 27, 2009

Another Victory! Though, not mine ...

Okay, so I don't blog much about things completely outside my realm of understanding often, slash ever, but here I go ... partially because I promised a new blog to a "hunk" (according to the Miss NY BOD, though I wouldn't cry the contrary) currently overseas.

This weekend was a great weekend. I went to the Miss NY workshop in Albany to watch the 22 gals competing for my job (eek, only two months left!) meet, greet, and get down to business. All the while I was nose-bleeding and going on the news in Albany for a bowling tournament. Talk about now knowing what was going on.

But, while I was there two big things were going on. 

#1. Foxfield in Charlottesville, VA. Probably the most absurd horse-race ever. Think: hot, port-a-potties, lots of pastel sundresses and bow ties, girls hand-cuffed in the back of large police vans, over-served college students and a ton of alum.

I missed you guys a lot. But next year ... I'm there. Charmin to-go roll in hand. And I know where Paul will be when I'm there ...

#2. Little 500. See, I don't know much about midwest collegiate tradition but I'm learning. Slowly but surely. Paul rode in this bike race for the last two years and his team, the Cutters, were victorious both years. If it weren't so late I would do some research to verify exactly what I'm dishing out, but I'm assuming no one will really call me out if I'm wrong, and I really have tried to listen to all of the historically ground-breaking things the Cutters have achieved. But, in totality, all I know is they're fairly ridiculous and beat lots of frats to win this race. So Paul, en route to Sweden, stopped in Indiana to watch his sister Sarah ride in the women's race on Friday (who was apparently pretty baller) and to watch most of the men's race on Saturday. 

Anyways, the Cutters won the Little 5 for the third year in a row. A freaking out Paul called me from JFK pre- flight to gay Paris speaking in a higher tone than Kate Shindle can sing. And that says a lot.

I'm going to leave it to this newspaper article to give you the particulars. But I was really excited for them. Even though I have no idea what any of this actually means, other than AWESOME. 

Ok. Night, y'all. I'll give you the insight on what I actually participated in this weekend tomorrow. But, a promise is a promise.

Sidenote: The women's race went to Pi Phi. Again, obviously I have nothing to do with this other than the fact that I have some super-serious athletic sisters (thank God I didn't get coerced into doing something like this at UVa, I would have been a debacle).

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