April 2, 2009

PS 8 - Staten Island

Yesterday I went to Staten Island's PS 8 to hang out with the kids, and tell them to make right decisions. Each state contestant for Miss America has the opportunity to give the "Right Decisions, Right Now" program in schools across her state. Ironically, this program is sponsored by RJ Reynolds. Why ironic? Because the main focus is to discourage teens from smoking, underage drinking, and drug use. I mean really? RJ Reynolds? Wow, talk about trying to make yourselves feel better.

The students at this school were absolutely adorable. They were a younger crowd than what I've been seeing so it was refreshing to see their zealous little eyeballs darting around the room trying to figure out what the heck I was wearing on my head.

This is one of the first grade classes during their "reading club". The President, of the club would choose a student to sit in the "author's chair" and read a book to the class. Here we are thumbs - upping reading!

With little kids there is naturally a PHENOMENAL commentary. Here are just a few:

Girl 1: You look like a princess. (it's weird, crowns give off that impression.)
Girl 2: You are so pretty!
Girl 3: You are REALLY beautiful!
Girl 4: You're GORGEOUS!! You're EVEN MORE gorgeous than ME!!!!!

My crown got a smooch (and a tug) from one of the students. So cute!

We walked into the next classroom and the bell was only moments away ... these kids looked like they were about to pop off the running block. And this dialogue ensued:

Teacher: Everyone say hi to Miss New York!
Student: My mom is making jelly tonight!!!!!!!!!

And, alas, every single class asked me how old I was. One kid guessed 18. I suppose I should feel honored, but for some reason I just don't ... haha.

But, the greatest moment of my appearance yesterday was the end. I returned to the office to thank the principal Lisa Esposito for allowing me to visit with her students. Since the bell was getting ready to ring she asked if I would like to say something over the PA system. Since I'm naturally a very shy person I was a bit nervous. HA. Got you. Are you still awake? Keep reading. I of course said yes! But then we plotted ... Since it was April Fool's Day I made the following announcement, " Thank you so much for having me here today, what a great group of students you are! Since it is a special day I would like to announce that you have NO HOMEWORK tonight. Have a great afternoon!!". Note that I did not say April Fool's at the end. The principal was dying ... and I was lacing up my running shoes. I was scared those teachers were going to come after me!

Lisa Esposito, resident trouble-maker/Principal at PS 8, me, and the Vice Principal.

I hope everyone's Thursday is everything you dreamed of and more. It's almost the weekend people!

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