April 6, 2009

Hey, you! Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks!

Kidding, kidding. I got a hot dog, just like the ones my mom fed me every single Friday night in the Fall from the moment I could chew without choking until I got shipped off to college. You know, at my dad's football games. This is him. I've always been "Coach Smith's daughter". Finally when I went to Miss America there were about four weeks in there where he said people called him MY DAD. Talk about victory.

Anyways, back to the point. Saturday morning I went to the Yankees v Cubs exhibition game at the new Yankee Stadium. First of all I want to applaud the 4 train for getting us there in record time. Who knew you could get to the Bronx from midtown in, uh, 15-20 minutes? If you live in the Bronx and that isn't normal, sorry (the F train really stinks too if it makes you feel any better), but I was impressed nonetheless. The game was many things; one being fun. It was also windy. Really, really windy. And I had to deal with a couple of Cubs fans who weren't too thrilled with the 10-1 outcome (hence we didn't see the end of the game). Crippling defeat is never worn very well. Again, joking. I'm talking smack like I'm some sort of avid baseball fan which I'm most certainly not. I think it's just because I don't have a team though ... maybe sooner than later I'll be recruited to wear the red and blue. If so, that's ok, because then I can switch it out for both seasons -- the Giants wear those colors, too!

The new Yankee Stadium!

Then I hurried home, cleaned my room (cough, cough, MOM!), and eagerly anticipated the arrival of Ashley Wheeler, Miss Vermont. Ashley and I got really close on the reality show, kept in touch before Miss A, and then have obviously done so since. There are so many good stories behind our friendship but here is one:

We ate a lot on the reality show due to the endless cookies, cakes, and ... chocolate covered strawberries. It was another one of those nights we were stuffing our mugs at 2am, after filming for hourssss, and I DARED Ashley to fit as many chocolate covered strawberries in her mouth at once. Ironically, the new Miss America, Katie Stam, was sitting there as well. And oddly, Ashley took me up on the dare. She proceeded to choke on a strawberry, ask for the Heimlich (but I kept laughing ... I knew she had a good diaphragm to push that stuff back up - I mean she won talent, y'all), and it came back up just in time for the current Miss America, Kirsten Haglund to sit down beside her. Of course she just popped in another one and we carried along our merry way. Obviously she is the jam. End of story.

So she came to NYC and we had SO MUCH fun playing. We had a couple of other ladies over on Saturday night. Talked, and laughed, and caused some general calamity. Really, really good time. Thank you, lady friends.

Sunday Ash and I explored (SoHo, Chinatown ...) then she caught her flight to Aussie to see her beau. Leaving me with a gorgeous day outside and time to play! Here comes the tragedy of the weekend ...

I went rollerblading with Paul. (The night I met Paul, Halloween, he had come over to my house with some other people and the rest of the story will remain a mystery ... perhaps due to some discrepancy ... but one thing we can all agree on is I definitely slipped on my 'blades to show him my skills ... through my pint sized apartment.) It was SOO pretty, yet SOO dangerous. 3 minutes on rollerblades is plenty of time for me to break my neck. And I did. Kind of. But, I actually broke my butt. I think I really did. Too bad I can't get a pink cast, that's all I've ever wanted out of a broken bone.

Fun and cute rollerblading. vs.

Me rollerblading. Less cute. More pain.

After my spill and more 'blading, we stopped by the grocer, cooked up some dinner and watched Ocean's Thirteen. Paul made potatoes and ate a carton of strawberries. I made some chicken fajitas. It was good. And I was content.

Great ending to a wonderful weekend.

Now I'm just enjoying the rain!

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