April 22, 2009

Oops ... I Did It Again.

I think I kind of fell off the train, but only briefly. Promise. See, I've been feeling pretty under the weather lately and continuous nose bleeds make it difficult to type. Eww. Gross. BUT! Alas, Tim Morehouse, ever the genius, pointed out that red things and I go hand in hand (mano y mano ... name that movie). Nose bleeds, red wine, Red Bull, and the Hampton Crabbers.

Monday night was neat. I traipsed through the rain, boarded the M15 (I took the bus!! sidenote: I don't take the bus a lot. not because I don't like it or the people, but I hate having to figure out how the metrocard goes in the payment slot. I ALWAYS MESS IT UP. then I get embarrassed.) and headed to Gracie Mansion. Like, Gracie Mansion the Mayor of NYC's house. Though, he is only the second Mayor to not live there during his political tenure, it's still technically his home. Anyways, they were honoring the Public Art placed in Public schools around NYC. As a creative arts major I understand how important it is to surround ourselves, and particularly our future generations with art. It was so nice to be able to mingle and meet those that created the art, and those that have welcomed it into their schools - seeing the impact it has had on their students universally.

Immediately after the Mayor spoke I was rushed to a side hall and was able to meet him! Okay, so it was for approximately 58 seconds. This is how it played out: He said " Miss New York? You're famous!", I replied, "no sir, not as famous as you!" his response: "I'm old, just wait, you'll be more famous. Promise.".

Mayor Bloomberg promised I was going to be more famous than he. I hope I also assume some of his wealth as I shoot to ungodly amounts of fame. Until then, I'll keep twiddling my thumbs/busting my ass and hoping for the best.

After Gracie Mansion we shuttled off (in torrential downpours, just to reiterate) to Symphony Space to watch (and have a minor, yet thrilling role) in Mr. Broadway! Ok y'all. Absurd. Completely absurd in the GREATEST way imaginable. Think a theater full of gay men, a handful of theater buffs, Tovah Feldsuh as the Mistress of Cermonies, judges: Ana Gasteyer (SNL Wicked), Beth Leavel (Drowsy Chaperone, Young Frankenstein), Charles Busch (The Allergist's Wife, The Third Story), and Seth Rudetsky (Rhapsody in Seth, Chatterbox, The Ritz). So, essentially this place was LOADED. 

They competed in swimsuit, talent, and evening wear (suits) with an onstage question. Obviously their talents were amazing. AND THEIR SWIMSUIT BODIES. Please, words cannot explain. Only pictures. Please see below.

It's true! And they didn't even use makeup artistry for those abs. (I saw them backstage ;)

After all was said and done Mr. Hair won the title of Mr. Broadway. The title really was well-deserved. Here is a sound byte from his on-stage question: How do you feel/respond to the criticism of all of the nudity in Hair? " ... (somewhat paraphrased, but honestly ... it was this good!) "Why are people so worried about nudity on stage? Shouldn't we be more worried about war and guns onstage?".  Yes, yes we should. And that is why this occurred:

Then I schlepped home through the pouring rain, crown in tow. 'Twas an eve for the books, that is fo' sho!

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