April 29, 2009

Workshop Weekend

Last Friday I got up at the crack of dawn, put on my face (game face that is), and headed out to Long Island to do a couple of RJR presentations. The students were really responsive, well-behaved, and eager. Which was awesome. Well, awesome other than when I got a nose-bleed in between my second and third class and the kids followed me out into the hall and to the bathroom still asking for autographs. Eww. I don't care if Santa Claus is in the hall, I'm not getting NEAR his nose-bleed.

Anyhow, after the success of the presentations I made my way back into the city and packed my leopard carry on full of various half-outfits, shoes, and cocktail dresses. After an intensely sweaty struggle down the four flights of stairs and several block walk I made it into my air-conditioned zipcar and prepared myself for the drive to Albany. Scooting down into my seat I was amped to be able to drive with the windows down, music loud, and iced coffee in hand. Unfortunately, it ended up taking 5 hours to get there and not 2 hours and 45 minutes. Fortunately the Miss NY Board of Directors was there and ready to meet me with hilarious open arms. They are ree.donk.u.lous. Don't believe me? See below.

Note that the ED is shooting me in the head. I'm only slightly concerned, Erin.

Late night, early morning, quick trip to the gym ... and voila! Workshop began. The girls filmed their up close and personals for the Miss NY video. Last year I divulged my secret obsession with mayonnaise. I think I also said I had scared off a couple of first-dates that way. I don't know how accurate that was ... I'm sure they were frightened on more levels than just that one. This year I didn't let loose any secrets as such, but I did drop some gems in there. That evening we had a formal reception which the Mayor came to, he's pretty hysterical and the girls loved him.

The evening came to a close and a twilight zone lingered on the other end for Linda Carbo and me.

As the contestants got up and headed to talent previews I definitely went to a bowling alley to participate in a live interview during a bowling tournament. Apparently every Sunday morning 10,000 people in Albany watch this bowling show. Who woulda thunk?! Anyhow, we've got a winner for the most awkward moment of my year ... and here she goes ...

Interviewer (a former PBA member): His shots seem to continue to become more erotic.


ME: Do you mean erratic?

Interviewer: Yes! Yes! Oh my gosh, it gets 10 times hotter when Miss NY joins the bowling show!

cricket. cricket. cricket. (As a harnessed snicker reverberates in my head.)

After that I headed back to the theater and listened to Kate talk about interview. Talk about a throw-back. I joined her on stage for a bit and I found myself tearing up a bit. It was weird. Since I don't cry and all. (I think my mom used to think I was somewhat heartless as a teenager). But I felt as if I had time-warped to last year, looking at each of those girls realizing one would soon take my job. The excitement, nervosity, and enthusiasm on their end is unparalleled. I started to become retrospective and consider if I had done what I had wanted with my year; for the Miss NY Organization, as a representation of my state (all of you haters out there, my state = New York), and as a blueprint of who my family and friends have encouraged me to become, and most importantly for those I promised, through my platform, to push towards progress.

Then I got to speak to the girls about my job and the reality show. I wanted to make it crystal clear that this is a job. An honest to goodness difficult job. Not that just requires a smile and a sharpie but literally requires blood, sweat, and tears (and paperwork. lots of it.). I went on for a while and Kate finally said, "hey! tell them about some of the fun things you've done." I don't think I came off too negative, but I think it's incredibly important to understand the role you will undertake for a year.

And in that disposition I hopped into my car and zipped back to the city, following the bright lights home.

PS: I'm sure you wanted to know about the girls competing. Here's the deal, all 22 are capable of taking my job over. The decision will lie in the hands of 5 strangers at the end of the stage. They're ready to work hard for this goal over the next 2 months ... June 28th we'll see who takes the cake! (Sike, I'll be the one eating the cake. They'll be denying it for another year! muhahaha)

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Anonymous said...

Leigh Taylor, you and Kate both did a wonderful job of explaining everything to those girls! Nosebleeds, sickness, and all! You should be proud of yourselves! Hope you are feeling better! Connie