April 7, 2009

Fat Lady, is that you? OMG, are Pigs Flying?

Indeed, indeed! Vermont has legalized gay marriage.

The only thing better than this is the fact that I'm celebrating Jesus' resurrection in Hampton with my family. Nothing trumps Jesus (I mean honestly, we sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and blow out candles on Christmas Eve ... and this is not my attempt at a joke either).

But come on! Vermont, Iowa ... my hat is off to you. Hopefully the rest of our nation is starting to get the idea that civil liberties shouldn't be limited to those that are in love with the opposite sex. As I said in an article at the beginning of the year, I know I don't want to be judged for who I fall in love with, nor do I want to be restricted in my rights in conjunction with that - so what gives me the right to do just that? Nada.

I love this. LOVE it.

PS: Heterosexual married couples experience over 1,138 rights that homosexuals are denied. For reals.

PPS: Hey, Wall- Street-ers and politicians alike, wanna boost the economy? By allowing same-sex marriage there would be 2 billion flowing into the wedding industry alone. Neat, eh?

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Zaina Marie said...

I love the way you think!!!