April 16, 2009

Oh My! You have a lot to catch up on ...

Sorry for being a lazy nugget but my days have been quite packed! There's so much to tell you that I'm feeling slightly intimidated by the upcoming length of this blog post. In an effort to alleviate that anxiety and to give your eyes a break I'm going to split these up into seemingly shorter segments. With me? Neat.

Friday morning Paul, the zip (zipcar - my rad car sponsor as Miss New York!), and I loaded up and made the journey down South. Somehow I had been convinced to rent the BMW 5 series. I mean, obviously (?). As we pulled out from in front of my apartment building and squeezed by a truck, hit the sideview mirror on the back of the truck and began our journey we had only gray skies ahead. (I'm also not joking about hitting the side view mirror, fortunately there was no physical damage).

Anyhow, after hours looking at either nothing or this:

we finally made it to Hampton, VA to enjoy Easter weekend with the family. We played on Friday night as a fam - and then Saturday we headed to Colonial Williamsburg. When younger my grandparents would always get us seasons passes to Busch Gardens/Water Country for Christmas - but of course, as a compromise, my mom would take us on in depth explorations of Colonial Williamsburg at it's finest. From Bruton Parish, to the Wythe Candy Store (my favorite, obviously) this is where I honed my adoration for history. And for Felicity, the red-headed American Girl doll. But that's another blog entry in itself. Despite the rainy weather we enjoyed ourselves.

We weren't really locked up, if you were concerned.

After trekking through Colonial Williamsburg we played at the outlets. And then ate dinner at our beach house. Lisa coooked up some delicious treats - fried chicken, homemade mac and cheese, "backyard beans", and rolls. But, the best part was the ending. Please See Below.

And if that wasn't the icing on top (yes, pun intended), the whole fam gathered 'round for an intense game of Cranium. I have some insanely hilarious videos for you to watch below. You may not be in stitches like us, but hopefully you'll at least get a little giggle out of the sheer absurdity of it all. We're a competitive bunch but we actually made it through the game without any yelling, thrown fists, or tears. All in all, it was a success with the win going to Mike and Lisa. The 'rents.

He was humming "It's a Small World". Not joking.

Laura. Waterbed.

The next morning Jesus resurrected, LT was allowed to drink Starbucks again, and the family packed it up and went to Hampton Baptist Church. Assumedly my 23rd Easter there. I always love seeing the warm and familiar faces of those that I grew up with. What a blessing each of them is and has been in my life.

After a delicious, delicious Easter dinner we hit the road back to NYC. I think if people put a camera in our car they would think we were weird. But, obviously that has never stopped me. Thank goodness for an Easter basket full of chocolate goo-filled items.

Speaking of goo ... I'm YOUR goo.

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